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Laser nozzle for Bystronic HK NK

    HK series: HK10, HK12, HK15, HK17, HK20, HK25, HK30,
    NK series: NK1015, NK1215, NK1515, NK1715, NK2015, NK2515, NK2520, NK3017, NK3020

The Bystronic laser nozzle can assist the gas to eject rapidly, which can effectively prevent the debris from falling upward and thus protect the focusing mirror. At the same time, it controls the diffusion area and size of the gas, thus affecting the cutting quality of the laser cutting machine. 

Single nozzle is used for melting cutting, that is, nitrogen is used as auxiliary gas to cut stainless steel and aluminum plate.

Double nozzles are commonly used for cutting oxygen, which uses oxygen as an auxiliary gas for cutting carbon steel.



1. Made of high quality copper material, can provide stable signal transmission.

2. High processing precision, high light inside the stack surface, airflow barrier through, less slag, no burrs, cutting easily.

3. The strict oxidation prevention process, copper bright, smooth surface, can effectively prolong the use of time.

4. Suitable for market mainstream brands Bystronic.

Bystronic laser nozzle
百超单层HK 2.jpg百超单层5.jpg百超双层NK 2.jpg百超6双层.jpg
3-01910/HK 10


3-01911/HK 123-16059/NK1215
3-01912/HK 153-16060/NK1515
3-01913/HK 173-14317/NK1715
3-01914/HK 203-14318/NK2015
3-03854/HK 253-14319/NK2515
3-06112/HK 303-16256/NK2520



At the same time, the choice of the nozzle aperture size will vary according to the thickness of the cutting material.

1.Cutting thin plate (3mm below): choose diameter 1mm aperture nozzle, cutting effect will be relatively fine, and choose diameter 1.5mm aperture of nozzle will be thicker, and the corner of the place will be easier to stain.

2.Cutting plate (above 3mm): choose to use 1mm when the diameter of the nozzle aperture is not stable, because the cutting power is higher, the relative cooling time is longer, the relative cutting time increases, with 1mm aperture diameter nozzle gas diffusion area is small, so it is not too stable, but basically can still be used. The nozzle with a diameter of 1.5mm diameter has a large gas diffusion area and a slower gas flow rate, so it is stable when cutting.

3.Cutting more than 10mm of the plate. At present, 2mm or 2mm diameter nozzle is usually chosen.

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